The Power of Trust in Business

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A keynote blog from a round table dinner debate with EtonBridge Parters and our guests; CEOs/Chairs/Non-Exec Directors. How can we expect others to trust us as leaders if we don't trust ourselves? How can leaders influence others through the use of trust and how they can preserve the integrity of their decisions? Read more

Does unconscious bias training work?

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For organisation-wide change, long-term, top-down cultural transformation must be driven by everything from tone and language to organisational structures, policies and procedures. For that to happen, businesses need to experiment with and deploy a whole range of strategies, techniques and tools. Does that include unconscious bias training? Read more

PODCAST: Joining the Dots (Hanover Comms)

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In these uncertain times, the framework for leadership is evolving alongside the status quo. Helming a company or organisation requires more skills than ever, especially when it comes to moulding brand perception. Trust, corporate integrity and inclusive leadership are all critical to building reputation and responsible business. Read more