Why we do what we do

We are driven by advising leaders on how to embed their purpose and values into their day to day decisions and behaviours that deliver responsible and sustainable business.

Intelligent Ethics optimises business performance and encourages levels of high integrity by advising on how to embed desired behaviours and ways of working into the policies, procedures and processes of the organisation.

We are passionate about inspiring leaders and their businesses to bridge the perceived gap between what they say and what they do.


How we do it

By bringing a unique blend of forensic, regulatory compliance and organisational change skills and expertise, we get to grips quickly with what needs to happen to build and win back the trust and confidence of stakeholders.

We respond to the challenge of where something has gone wrong or where there is increased risk of something about to go wrong.

We diagnose current ways of working and organisational priorities through forensic assessment. This data forms a basis for informed debate and consultation on the impact on levels of business performance and standards of integrity.

This drives the opportunity to apply a consistent decision-making process based on values and principles that bring to life the policies, procedures and processes that form an effective integrity framework and the ability for individuals to do the right thing.

challenge > diagnose > debate > decision > do the right thing

What we do

We are experienced in working under pressure, skilled in collaborating and building trust with senior stakeholders and getting to grips with solving complex challenges effectively.

As a former PwC UK Partner leading Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance services for clients, Tracey has led many complex regulatory remediation and ethics and compliance programmes using deep process, forensic and behavioural change expertise that not only makes change stick, but also creates a culture of sustainable high performance and integrity.

Many of our clients have experienced a crisis in the trust placed in them, either by regulators, governments, customers or employees, on why they act and behave as they do. Tracey, alongside trusted partners, works with leaders, executive and management teams, as a senior adviser to enable them to optimise performance and have the confidence to do what they need to do to win back trust.