The ‘S’ Factor – Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

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In my recent article, ‘The S Factor’, for the Governance and Compliance Magazine of The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland, I shine a light on social factors as part of defining and evaluating these difficult to measure elements of ESG.

Now is not the time for business leaders to be afraid of the S in ESG but instead embrace it as a business force for good. Nor is it the time to limit or define it too narrowly as a single, isolated factor that is not integrated as part of the wider sustainable business strategy. The response from regulators to the growing focus on societal issues has been slow, but significant momentum is building and the pace is increasing. Regulators, UK and further, are now starting to focus on the challenges around definition, scope, measurement and interconnectivity of social factors with other ESG metrics to enable businesses to quantify and evaluate the social impact of their activities.

The light on the S of ESG is only going to get brighter. Read the full article here