Odgers Connect: The new and emerging post-pandemic leadership model Part I

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Read this latest interview here with Adam Gates, of Odgers Connect, as part of their published Insights Series on the topic of the new and emerging features of a post pandemic leadership model.

A key feature of the interview focuses on what we mean by an ‘ethical leader’ and how leadership conduct and behaviours are inextricably connected across all of the ESG agenda through behavioural integrity and activation of corporate purpose.

Key takeaways?

(1) there is an intentional shift by enlightened leaders towards a more human-centric approach to leading business, recognising the benefits of empowerment, cultivating and nurturing trust, and treating others fairly and with dignity

(2) There are many challenges for leadership right now, but arguably one of the most pressing is a leader’s ability to unlearn some of what they have always done – that takes real courage!