We are passionate about how leaders define and embrace what ‘doing the right thing’ means to business and stakeholders. We use ethical values and behaviours, culture, purpose and corporate integrity as critical levers for change. This places people and inclusion at the heart of responsible business. Intelligent Ethics enables organisational leaders to unlock high performance and talent, accelerate growth, and drive innovation directly aligned to the execution of sustainable business goals and strategic aims.

Intelligent Ethics is dedicated to leading and driving responsible business change in business in roles working in Corporate Executive Education, Speaking with passion, energy and inspiration, and as a Trusted Business Advisor.

We help you to create intelligent, sustainable business using purpose and integrity as your change agents of choice.

Corporate Executive Education

We design, develop and expertly facilitate immersive and experiential learning and development programmes for boards and executive level downwards. We deploy expert design and facilitation skills, the latest behavioural change tools and techniques, and direct line of enquiry to optimise and enrich the learning environment.

Our design philosophy is grounded in the key principles of being experiential, discovery-driven and capable of unlocking the power of the collective learning environment. All of the training design and content is led by the business context, and is measurable and outcome-driven, so that impact and value can be assessed and monitored.

We work in collaboration with established corporate executive education providers including global business schools, universities and leading professional training, learning and development organisations.

What’s different?

A unique blend of commercial experience and professional corporate education expertise, outstanding communication and engagement skills, and an ability to inspire change and debate through intelligent design and challenge.

Speaking with passion, energy and inspiration

Whether as a keynote speaker, a panellist, a Master of Ceremonies, a podcast guest or an interviewee for a trade journal, we bring energy, humanity, passion and credibility to any event or interaction. All our speaking assignments are professionally tailored and bespoke for each individual client, reflecting the business context, sector, and specific need.
Our enthusiasm for sharing experience, engaging in debate, and grappling with the complexities of business shines through, using the power of storytelling, sharing of personal insight and business acumen. Topics include:

  • Business ethics
  • Corporate integrity
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Risk, regulatory compliance and corporate governance
  • Digital ethics
  • Inclusion and belonging
  • Well-being
  • Speak up culture
  • The future of work

Much more information on Speaking can be found here.

What’s different?

Flexibility, agility, professionalism, business credibility, personal leadership experience and a sense of humour are key characteristics of our speaker roles. Whether hosting an intimate, round table topical debate with Boards or your senior clients, acting as the keynote speaker at your annual conference, or being interviewed for a podcast series or publication, we play a distinctive and compelling role in galvanising action and inspiring others to think differently.

Trusted business advisor

We work with clients to help them think differently about performance and what it means to deliver good business. We advise on purpose, strategy, ethics and culture as drivers of high performing, technology-enabled businesses which are all critical components of resilient organisations built on trust, integrity and respect.

We are experienced in working under pressure, skilled in collaborating, and building trust with senior stakeholders. We get to grips with solving complex challenges effectively. Whether we work with you as a critical friend or coach, or are involved in larger-scale programmes of work, our approach is always evidence-based, strategy-driven and human-centric.

Bringing a unique blend of business process and organisational change skills and expertise, we make things happen which build ownership, responsibility and trust.

What's different?

We uncover the paradoxical challenges of transformational leadership in a non-threatening, enlightening and empowering way. We bring to life the contemporary mindsets, capabilities and behaviours required today and position these as critical business imperatives. We help leaders to prepare for and position business threats and disruption as positive opportunities for growth, responsibility and innovation.