Why Speaking Up in the wake of a global pandemic is about Dignity

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At a time of heightened uncertainty and unpredictability, when Speaking Up may feel like the last thing anyone would do, the need to Speak Up is more important than ever. How do we create a workplace climate where dignity is honoured and valued, so that people feel safe and secure to use their voice? Read more

The Inclusion Paradox

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It is only by working together, whilst being physically disconnected and distanced from each other, will we be truly inclusive and empower others to speak up Read more

Virtual Human Insights

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How do you keep your people engaged, productive and resilient in a world of social distancing and self-isolation? Why not inspire and stimulate thinking across your leadership teams using bite-size virtual learning. Who knew webinars could be so human? Read more

The Cult of the CEO

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"87% of Irish employees think it’s important for their CEO to be inspiring… while almost three quarters don’t think they are". Are we putting too much pressure on today's CEOs? Is integrity really the best policy for CEOs, and if so, what are the trade offs and are we prepared to accept them? Is the Cult of the CEO a thing of the past? Read more

Working Flexibly: Trust is the Glue of Life

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High performing organizations which foster a corporate culture built on high levels of trust, integrity and respect, enable individuals to get their jobs done in the most effective way. In fact, research tells us that the UK’s best workplaces have higher than average trust scores – and that these high achieving organizations are more likely to offer flexible working! Read more