PODCAST: ESG as a business force for good

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Hosted by Deborah Gray of Totum Partners, in this podcast I discuss why and how ESG is a force for good for business, shining a light on the legal sector.

During the conversation we explore what has shifted that has made ESG start to dominate the business decisions which matter more and more, and why it is here to stay.  The 2020 global pandemic has exposed social, economic and healthy inequalities more so than ever, and the spotlight on purpose-led business, ethical conduct and sustainable business is sharp and fierce.

We argue that firms need to act now to approach sustainability and ESG in an integrated, strategic and coherent way that reflects why business is here, to give real meaning to its purpose and what it can deliver in the long term.

Rather than financial and regulatory imperatives, ESG is being driven and reinforced by the desire for genuine improvement of society – whether that be individuals in the shape of employees, clients, citizens – and, of course, the environment in which we all live and must protect.  Listen to the podcast here: