We are all born with Dignity. But do we know how to act like it?

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I was very honoured and delighted to chat to Marilise de Villiers, host of ‘The Perfect Ten’ webinar series, and fellow guest Joel Segal on Dignity as a critical leadership skill on YouTube earlier this week:

We had a really super discussion, ranging from our own personal definitions of what dignity means to each of us, through to what is the difference between dignity and respect, how to honour one’s own dignity, and how we often violate the dignity of others without realising it.

Having conversations like this makes me realise that we need to talk about dignity in the workplace so much more. It’s such a basic and precious human attribute, if define it as our sense of inherent value and worth – so why aren’t we doing more to protect, honour and nurture our dignity?  With dignity comes acceptance, recognition, inclusion, safety, trust, empathy and fairness – all the values that many of us aspire to embed into the way we live our lives at work and at home. It sets the stage for an understanding of what each of us are worth and our value, and it liberates us from self-doubt and ourselves holding back.

We are all born with dignity, but do we know how to act like it?

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