PODCAST: The Human and The Machine

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Artificial Intelligence – will it enslave or set us free? A first thrilling podcast of a series that explores the impact of technology on humankind Read more

Ethics, culture and behavioural change in response to Procurement Fraud and Corruption

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Earlier this week I was invited to speak at a Central Government Department at their inaugural Procurement Fraud and Corruption Conference. The aim of the Conference was to engage with the Industry to share leading practices and identify potential ways as to how the Department and its key suppliers can work together to address fraud and corruption risk. Read more

The Story behind Intelligent Ethics: what’s in a name?

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Intelligent Ethics emerged from my passion to push the boundaries of what it means to do the right thing in today’s increasingly complex world. The pace of disruptive technology, more regulation, global economic and political volatility and a lack of trust threaten our sense of what is the right thing to do and our ability to use judgement and act with purpose. Intelligent Ethics shines a spotlight on why business ethics and good corporate governance are a force for good for everyone. Read more

The impact of AI on Ethics

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Over three stimulating days in June, CognitionX masterminded a Summit in London on artificial intelligence (AI) like no other. Academics, authors, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, programmers and practitioners came together to explore, challenge and debate on a number of topics with AI at the heart of our conversations. Read more