What’s Your Story? Conference on 8th December 2017

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The What’s Your Story? conference on 8th December, part of the Enjoyable Life Series, promises to be an inspiring day that will unleash the power of story-telling and remind us what humanity is all about.

I’m really excited to be the opening speaker at the What’s Your Story? conference on 8th December at The Passage, Central London.  I’ve drafted my story and I’m all set to go.  It’s only 7 sleeps away now!

I can’t wait to hear the stories of my fellow speakers who are all amazing individuals with powerful stories to share.  It promises to be an incredible day. Full of thought provoking insights, personal tips and hints that we can each take away, and life-changing experiences that will touch each one of us to our core.

Come and be inspired through the life stories of others. You will leave encouraged and motivated.  If you are asking yourself any of the questions below, then this day is for you:

Are you stuck?
Are you wondering about your purpose in life?
Are you going through change?
Are you wondering how to recover from a setback?

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