The Challenge

The client recognised that the role of a senior business leader is increasingly challenging in today’s world, with rapid technological advances, stretching business goals and growing regulatory requirements adding to the leadership burden.

The role of leadership acting with integrity and as a trusted and respected leader has never been more important to the client’s purpose and ambition. The desire to further embed the corporate values, re-connect the compliance and ethics agenda to day-to-day decision-making, and reinforce expected leadership behaviours was embraced as a force for good and a business imperative right from the very top.

The Project

Intelligent Ethics worked as a trusted advisor to the Global Compliance and Ethics Director and their team in the design, co-development and delivery of a stimulating technology-enabled leadership development toolkit that was focused on the user-experience, relevant to business operations and practical.

The Integrity in Action toolkit was designed to shine a light on the vital role and responsibilities of a trusted and respected leader in the workplace. It aimed to bring to life the behaviours of leaders that act with integrity and who are seen to be aligned to the values and leadership standards of the business through what they do, not just what they say.

The Outcomes

  • An innovative and engaging technology-enabled leadership development toolkit comprising of high impact and leading-edge materials including videos, TED talks, podcasts, animations, self-reflection exercises, case studies and real dilemmas
  • A re-energised positioning of the Global Compliance and Ethics agenda that engages business leaders and highlights their critical role as trusted and respected leaders in the workplace
  • A values-driven approach that reinforces business policies and procedures and inspires leaders to do the right thing.

“Tracey brings a stimulating and passionate energy to the Compliance and Ethics agenda. She really helped us to define not just what we wanted to do, but why we needed to do it and then how we do could deliver it in a high impact way, so that we had clear outcomes in mind right from the start and a business-driven approach.
Tracey’s expert knowledge and enthusiasm shines through in everything she does, and her collaborative approach means we worked as a team throughout.”