The Challenge

The London Branch CEO of a Global Bank (‘Group’) wanted to bring to life the Group’s cultural framework, code of conduct and values at a local level in the Branch. With customers, growth and innovation firmly set at the heart of the Group-wide strategy, the CEO recognised the need to connect the Group’s cultural aspirations with those of the London Branch, proactively taking ownership and responsibility for living the values and creating a sense of local Branch identity through building its own desired culture.

Having experienced a significant period of change and on-going regulatory focus on conduct and behaviours, the Senior Leadership team were now ready for action and wanted to commit to living the values in a way that were meaningful and real to them.

The Task

Intelligent Ethics worked with the client to finalise the design and development of a one-day Culture Workshop for the London Branch CEO and key internal stakeholders, including expert facilitation. As well as shining a light on the regulatory framework on culture and behaviours, and the Group’s approach to risk culture, a key objective of the workshop was to inspire the participants to define what the values meant to them in terms of specific, desired behaviours – what does this mean we will do, say and feel in the London Branch and across all of our stakeholders?

Bringing together a wide range of participants from different functions, roles and seniority, the workshop was interactive and designed to give opportunity for exploration and debate, so that the co-creation of the desired valued behaviours, within the boundaries of the Group’s strategy and cultural framework, could be achieved.

The Outcomes

  • A high energy and innovative workshop comprising of a variety of collaborative engagement tools including videos, Q&A, discussions, and hands-on group exercises positioned alongside deep insight and knowledge of the sector and regulatory expectations
  • A clarity on the Group’s cultural framework, code of conduct and values in relation to the London Branch and a set of unique values-based behaviours that reflect the Branch’s desired culture
  • A call to action on what needs to happen next in order to engage with all levels of the London Branch and bring to life the local behaviours in a consultative way that will encourage ownership and accountability

“Tracey's flexibility and agility to work with us at short notice was exceptional. She assisted in the final design and development of a one-day culture workshop for our London Chief Executive and the Leadership Team, bringing to our life our cultural framework, core values and identifying desired behaviours. Her expert facilitation skills on the day inspired and energised us all, empowering us to take ownership and commit to action.”