Why D&I should top the Board agenda – in Board Agenda

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Delighted to see my latest insights on diversity and inclusion published in Board Agenda® offering thoughts on why D&I often fails to be top of the Board’s to-do list, even though identified by many as a strategic business priority.

The reality is that embracing D&I is not easy. It quite often tumbles down from the top of the to-do list and languishes closer to the middle or bottom. D&I requires leaders to lean into uncomfortable conversations and to confront the unknown – and this is why it must be a priority for Boards. Nurturing a culture that is purpose-driven, values-led and embraces inclusion as a business force for good is critical. Boards need to be alert and ready to undertake what it takes to make inclusion a reality from their position of governance and oversight. The need for vigilance is only going to increase.

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Why D&I should top the board agenda