Integrity as a means of internal control – Board Agenda

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In this article for Board Agenda, together with my StoneTurn colleague Lucy Cryan, I examine the concept of integrity as a form of internal control.

We argue that we need to apply integrity-based principles, within the boundaries of accepted rules and laws, to elevate decision-making and expand our horizon to include choices beyond what is right versus what is wrong. Controls are needed in any business process where we want groups to apply consistency, but rules alone are not enough.

Applying an integrity lens to decision-making enables leaders to broaden their strategic thinking to not just what should they do in accordance with laws and rules, but what could they do, aligned with company policies and values.

Anthony O’Reilly, former chief ethics officer, State Street Corporation and head of professional practices, Internal Audit, Siemens, shares his insights on integrity based on his leadership experience as part of our point of view.

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First published 24 October 2022, Board Agenda