Accelerating Competitive Advantage with AI

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Launched at Future Decoded Summit on 1 October 2019, I was interviewed for this Microsoft UK report on “Accelerating Competitive Advantage with AI” shining a light on what it takes to position AI as a force for good for business and wider society.

The report charts UK organisations on their AI progression and the impact AI is having on them.  My contribution focused on the ability to create a technology-enabled organisational climate where people and ethical values are hardwired into the corporate decision-making processes that supports the alignment of strategy, vision and purpose and delivers an inclusive, high performing and sustainable digital business.

My client advisory work on AI Ethics is built around the Intelligent Ethics AI EEEE framework© comprising of four fundamental components of Engagement, Empowerment, Education and Equipping.  Together these create a critical platform for an organisation’s corporate governance approach to AI, where business leaders can build a culture where people feel trusted, respected, valued and confident to deploy AI as a force for good that will deliver wider societal outcomes, as well as business aims and goals.

If you’d like to know more about Intelligent Ethics and my work on AI Ethics, Leadership in a Digitally Enabled World, and other areas, you can contact me and find out more via here.