IE Spring 2018 News & Insights: Topic 3 – Diversity & Inclusion

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Headline News & Insights

My appointment as a Board Member of the City Women Network (CWN) is a huge privilege and fantastic opportunity for me to continue my passion on supporting and developing other women ‘to the best that they can be’.  The CWN is 40 years old this year and is one of the longest established independent organisations for senior professional and business women in the UK –  so I’ve not only joined the best, but I’ve also timed it so I can be part of the well-deserved 40th Anniversary Celebrations!

Other key initiatives that I have been involved in include supporting the fantastic Condeco Women in Technology Campaign, led by Claire Roper and announced on IWD2018, by publishing thought leadership on the Ethical Consequences of Artificial Intelligence as part of the launch (here).  Condeco went one step further and also named me in the Top 10 Influential Women to follow on Social Media (here) – which I duly re-tweeted, shared and liked!

What’s coming up?

The deadline for reporting by organisations of their Gender Pay Gap data now is upon us – read more here on the requirements and implications for businesses.   Fulfilling the reporting requirements is, in many ways, the easy bit. Analysing the drivers behind the numbers, identifying and then actively responding to what is both helping and hindering women from progressing in the workplace, as well as managing the consequences both internally and externally of the data, is what should be keeping business leaders awake at night.

This is a core part of what it takes to be a responsible and trustworthy business (see the update on work on trust and responsible business here).