We work with leaders to help them build and win back the trust placed in them by key stakeholders by creating “freedom within a box”; embedding vision, values, purpose and behaviours at the heart of the compliance framework that motivates and inspires business integrity and drives high performance.

Education (inspire curiosity)

  • Design, development and expert facilitation of inclusive executive leadership
    values-based training and coaching
  • Design, development and delivery of employee face-to-face training based on
    behavioural outcomes and core values
  • Design and development of a strength-based learning culture including diversity
    and inclusion strategy and actions, coaching and mentoring programmes, and

Empowerment (build trust)

  • Design of an aligned governance framework to deliver ethics and compliance
    strategy through values-driven policies, processes and procedures
  • Employee engagement, resilience strategies and plans to inspire and motivate
  • Review of organisational governance, risk and compliance frameworks to assess
    reinforcement of strategic aims and outcomes

Excellence (act with rigour)

  • Independent assessment and forensic analysis of ethics and compliance
    frameworks for performance enhancement and integrity;
  • Robust risk-based remediation action plans based on global good practice,
    regulatory standards and practical experience
  • Development of monitoring and data reporting frameworks to measure return on
    investment and progression
act with

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